BioDrift AS receives fourth ALBACH Diamant 2000

Anders Hohle, Managing Director of BioDrift AS, decided to buy his first ALBACH Diamant 2000 in 2017 after extensive research. At the time, this was also the first Diamant 2000 in Norway. 6 years later, he is now already receiving his fourth machine.

We decided on another chipper from ALBACH firstly because we get consistently positive feedback on these machines from our employees. The chipper operators are particularly interested in the user-friendliness, the overview, the ease of maintenance, and the throughput - all factors on which we receive only excellent feedback.

Another point is that the Diamant 2000 chippers are generally very robust and reliable, so we are well equipped for our daily challenges in the terminals or for contract chipping work. Even with hard terminal continuous workloads with coarse chippings 60mm chop length/G100, there are no undesirable interruption times. Consistent lumpy quality with very low fines and dust content and high throughput. There is also only positive feedback on service and maintenance. We are very satisfied with our ALBACH dealer and service partner Skogservice AS, good accessibility and a high level of competence characterize him. However, for the reasons mentioned above, we make very little use of it. The quality and reliability of ALBACH machines has completely convinced us.

We are looking forward to officially taking delivery of the fourth machine at the HUR Dagene trade fair in Oslo on 16/17 September.