Tilt-Grapple Saw
TFZ 90 360°

The tilt-grapple saw TFZ 90 360° has been developed by our partner company, Bachmaier Landtechnik.

The endless rotating felling tong is a further development and thus the felling tong of the third generation. Designed for the Sennebogen 718 handling excavator, the tongs are capable of handling log diameters of up to 700 millimeters. The blade length is 900 mm. The max. grab opening is 1870 mm, the minimum log diameter should not be less than 110 mm.


Special product features
  • Blade length 900mm
  • Saw chain 0.404'', optional 3/4''
  • The tilt (horizontal tilt motor) has a max. torque of 20.000Nm@250bar, a holding torque of 34.000Nm and a tilt range of 195°
  • The 360° endlessly rotating swivel drive has a max. torque of 27.000Nm as well as a static holding brake
  • With the help of the two swivel motors, the pliers can be flexibly applied and clamped to almost all branches and trunks, so that the saw can cut through the tree easily and safely

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Technical Data

Tilt-grapple saw TFZ 90 360 in detail
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  • Saw motor 19 ccm, optional 25 ccm
  • Chain type 0.404'', optional 3/4''
  • Blade length 90 cm
  • Cutting diameter max. 70 cm
  • Chain tensioning hydraulic
  • Chain lubrication grease; lubrication proportional to log diameter
  • Recommended lubricant Kajo-BIO-Chain Grease
  • Gripper opening max. 160 cm
  • Trunk diameter min. 10 cm
  • Tilt swivel range 195°
  • Tilt operation 360° endless
  • Safety To ensure safe operation, all functions (grapple closing, turning, tilting) are equipped with load holding valves so that the load can be brought to the ground in a controlled manner even in the event of a hose rupture. In addition, the valves protect the installed components from overloads to ensure long and maintenance-free operation.

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Technical data tilt-grapple saw DE



The evolved tilt felling tongs TFZ90 360°, for mounting on an excavator or on a handling device, is suitable for safe and controlled tree felling along roads, in gardens or city parks or also for use in the forest.

Due to the endless rotating rotator and the large tilting angle of the tilt, an effortless and flexible positioning of the TFZ is well possible even in dense treetops.

Furthermore, for safety reasons, all functions have been equipped with load holding valves to hold the load safely even in the event of a hose rupture or leakage.

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