Further Products and Services

General Engeneering

The machine is one of the traditional engineering sciences. Machines, engines and transmissions are manufactured here. In mechanical engineering, the Albach Maschinenbau specializes in addition to the hacker manufacturing in the design and development of special structures. These include, for example, • self-propelled chipper • topper • Special buildings • Individual constructions The company has a relevant experience. We are happy to talk about when it comes to implementing your personal requirements.


CNC Folding Beyeler 1200 IPC

Precision and reliable execution of bending operations are carried out in the Upper Bavarian Menning. The company Albach sets when working in the field of bending technology in an optimal technique. With the CNC bending machine Beyeler 1200 IPC the company is to manufacture Albach Maschinenbau precise able complex bending parts. The absolute width of the machine is 4 meters. So that we can up to a thickness of 25mm various sheet metal parts edges.   A special software enables directly create (dxf or dwg) a CNC Abkantprogramm us from CAD data. A fast and reliable execution of the work is guaranteed.