Company - About us

The request of a contractor was the trigger to found the company Albach Maschinenbau in 2006. The company, which specializes in the field of hacking and complex special constructions, has its headquarters in Menning, Upper Bavaria, in the district of Pfaffenhofen / Ilm. Prototype of a self-propelled hacker emerged Centrally located in the middle of Bavaria, the company is located directly on the main road B16 a, just under ten minutes from the highway and near the airport. In the Vohburg district, the company has an optimal starting point to operate worldwide.In the development of the prototype Silvator 2000 a lot of practical experience of the designers flowed in – the result was the first self-propelled hacker worldwide. The company, which is committed to a positive family relationship with its employees, has been a training company in the region since its founding. The fellcrane masters all problem tree felling work. The further development of a mobile felling crane was one of the main focuses of the company in 2017. The basis is the felling crane of Fällag AG (Switzerland), which was developed by Hans Baumgartner. The brothers Franz and Michael Bachmaier and their team have developed this further so that the mobile felling crane is fit for the future and even more efficient. The know-how of Baumgartner in the conception of the mobile felling crane in the 1980s as well as the technical experience of the Bachmaier brothers provide a new dimension in felling crane development. The way is the goal – and we prefer to go directly and without detours. Baumgartner’s contact with the brothers Franz and Michael Bachmaier came about through the self-propelled hacker Silvator 2000 and Diamant 2000, which within a few years became a no-name market leader for self-propelled wood chippers. • Company founded in 2006 • Headquarters in Menning (Lkr.Pfaffenhofen / Ilm) • Machine designs and custom-made products • around 100 employees in the company network • more than 250 hackers delivered • Further products: shrubbery, mobile felling crane e.g.