15 years of chipper history at Albach Maschinenbau - Photos of our machines wanted

Albach Maschinenbau has been producing self-propelled hacker machines for nearly 15 years. The approximately 450 machines are now on the road worldwide. Many of our customers use our machines. Thank you for your trust – now and in the future.

In this time we have seen many photos – but hardly one resembled the other. The machine was photographed in a wide variety of landscapes. We would like to present these photos a little stronger. Therefore our call: Send us your photos of the Albach-Maschinenbau-Maschinen by e-mail to presse@albach-maschinenbau. de.

It is important that you have taken the photos yourself and that the photos have an appropriate resolution. Let us send the photos by email to presse@albach-maschinenbau. de until 30. 07. 2020 – also connected with a few lines, which experience you have made with the machines so far or. where the photo was taken.

We are looking forward to receiving many letters and photos from you.

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