Rotor and accelerator of the diamond 2000 were further developed

The Diamant 2000 can be equipped with optional extensions for its customers. These can be seen for the first time at the Elmia Wood, which will be held in Jönköping, Sweden, from 7 to 10 June 2017. Albach engeneering can be found there on stand 186 A. The usability, functionality and mode of operation of the self-employed hacker can be observed in practice and talked to the developers.

Rotor, accelerator and ejection tower have been equipped with new additional functions, which meet the requirements of the practice in the forestry. “The further developed rotor enables precisely generated wood chips with a size of between 20 and 60 millimeters,” explains Franz Bachmaier, developer of the self-employed hacker from upper Bavaria. The accelerator is fully hydraulically foldable. The complete knife carrier can be removed with a few hand movements and can be replaced easily. In addition, the accelerator has a quick release for easy access during maintenance work.

If you want, you can order these additional options as an additional offer of your machine. The ejection tower, for example, will in the future be manufactured from another highly wear-resistant material and, due to the increased diameter, allows for more possibilities. Because the ejection angle can be adjusted continuously. The ejection of woodchips can thus be more individualized. All of course controlled from the cockpit of the Diamant 2000 in the clear control board. The ejection now has a diameter of 326 millimeters. This is an increase of 31 percent. By optimizing the three components, it is possible to easily eject wood chips with 60 mm through the ejection tower.

At the Elmia Wood – the largest forestry trade fair in the world, built every four years in Sweden – the self-employed hacker Diamant 2000 shows its possibilities in practice. “Since I developed and built my very first self-propelled hackers more than ten years ago, there have been a number of new developments and improvements to be able to handle the machine comfortably in work processes, optimum maintenance of the machine’s consumables and safe machine travel “Said Franz Bachmaier, who has worked with his brother Michael and Richard Alzinger since 2006 on the development of the self-propelled work machine Diamant 2000 and Silvator 2000 respectively.

The company Albach engeneering is based in Menning in the district Pfaffenhofen / Ilm. The company has a total of around 100 employees at the headquarters and another Langquaid site in Langquaid, which are active in the production of hackers, development, customer service and administration. Since the foundation of the company more than 200 self-propelled machines have been delivered. The company operates worldwide.

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