District Administrator visiting Albach in Langquaid

District Administrator Martin Neumeyer impressed by the tire size of the mobile hacker “Diamant 2000” Photo: Martina Wimmer (District Office Kelheim)

District Administrator Martin Neumeyer and Langquaids Mayor Herbert Blascheck paid a visit to Albach Maschinenbau in the production site in Langquaid. The Diamant 2000, which is produced there, is a self-propelled hacker, which is used for the production of wood chips. The developers are the two brothers Franz and Michael Bachmaier, who had developed their first self-propelled hacker over 15 years ago. For about ten years now, the Silvator 2000, later the Diamant 2000 went into mass production.

Business delegation visiting Albach engeneering in Langquaid

The beginning of the success story of the two bustling brothers started in the parental farm barn in Menning (district Pfaffenhofen / Ilm). This became an agricultural machinery workshop, now a global company. That was the beginning of an incredible success story, as District Administrator Martin Neumeyer was able to convince himself with the business promoters Christian Rieger and Martina Wimmer and mayor Herbert Blascheck during a visit to the Handwerkerhof in Langquaid. “It almost sounds like Bill Gates,” the county chief remarked with a smile.

The district visits: Franz and Michael Bachmeier (from left), District Administrator Martin Neumeyer, 1st Mayor Herbert Blascheck, Langquaid, Osman Ölmez, Plant Manager Photo: Martina Wimmer (Kelheim District Office)

As a down-to-earth family business, we mainly supply machines used in the forest industry. In addition to the Diamant 2000 this is u.a. the mobile felling crane Faellbach, a felling tongs and a shrubbery. Further ideas and developments, the two company bosses are not averse. Likewise, continuous development of existing products is being developed in order to be able to cope with developments in practice. Around 40 countries are supplied. In addition to France and Italy, these include overseas countries such as Chile, the USA and, most recently, Abu Dhabi. Here, a sheikh ordered the “Diamond 2000”, which was then shipped overseas and found his home in the emirate, told the company bosses Franz and Michael Bachmaier not without pride.

Albach since 2014 in Langquaid

Since 2014, the production facility is operated in Langqauid. The headquarters of the company with construction and administration is still in Menning. The authentic and down to earth nature of the two brothers has impressed Blascheck and he is pleased to have found this up and coming business with great development potential in the market town of Langquaid. From the planned 50 new jobs at the Langquaid site, 70 have now been created, including 5 apprenticeships, as plant manager Osman Ölmez noted. Despite the commute from Munich to Langquaid, Ölmez has worked for the employer Albach u.a. also because of the very good working climate. This is also a factor of success of the company – that the “chemistry” is right.

The economic promotion delegation during a factory tour. Photo: Martina Wimmer (District Office Kelheim)

The premises in the Handwerkerhof house office space, a training room, production, the spare parts warehouse, customer service and sales, says Franz Bachmaier, who is responsible for construction and technology. His brother Michael takes care of purchasing and administration.

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