DLG-Forest-Days - Diamant 2000 at stand FA31

Safe wood harvesting in complex forest structures, heat from wood. On the DLG Forest Days 2017 everything will turn around the forestry, e.g. how to perform wood harvesting with the latest technology. How the forest structures are developing and changing what has to be considered in connection with forest work and how the energy wood has established itself as a heat supplier (for example in the form of logs, pellets or wood chips).

Over 170 exhibitors will be represented at the DLG Forest Days from 15 to 17 September 2017. One of them is Christian Hauschulte-Oberdick from Arnsberg, who will present the Diamant 2000 of the company Albach Maschinenbau. The contractor has many years of experience in forestry. The agricultural enterprise has existed since 1730.

A tradition that is committed, Mr. Hauschulte-Oberdick?

Hauschulte-Oberdick: Everything has started with a classic agriculture and forestry which has remained in the family ownership. In the meantime, however, we have developed into a contracting company that has its main focus in the field of forestry – ie in the field of bioenergy. Renaturation work is just as much part of our tasks as energy and heat contracting or the shredding of roots, manure or old wood.

They are mainly used in environmental and landscape care, energy and firewood, and, of course, in the wood-chip segment. Your Diamant 2000 is fully operational. What experiences could they have with the machine over the years?

Hauschulte-Oberdick: We have been using the self-propers from Albach for many years. And we have so far had good experiences. The machine is robust, works efficiently and the customer service – should really be something – is easily accessible. What I regard as positive is e.g. that the wood chip quality is really good and only a small part of the fines is contained in the wood chips.

If you are out in the hack, what is the most realistic output possible in practice?

Hauschulte-Oberdick: The Diamant 2000 produces almost 400 cubic meters per hour of wood chips. However, this also depends on the material to be chopped and the amount of chopped material available.

From 15 to 17 September 2017, you will be at the DLG Waldstagen in Brilon-Madfeld (Sauerland) – booth FA31. One of the fair’s topics will be innovative solutions for a woody, efficient and economical timber harvest. What are their expectations as a forestry contractor for this event?

Hauschulte-Oberdick: For us as a service provider in the forestry sector, this forestry fair taking place in the region is very important to present us with our services. At our stand you can also find the new Diamant 2000. Interested parties also have the opportunity to experience the self-propelled live on site together with its complete equipment.

Thanks for the conversation and pleasant forest days.

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